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Pencil drawn lettering

The Memorial Buying Process

You may be unfamiliar with the process of buying a memorial and we aim to make this as straightforward as possible:

Step 1 - The Design


We will create a design with you and can advise on the elements acceptable to the relevant authority. Items to be considered will be the stone type, shape, size, wording and lettering style.  A quotation for the memorial will be provided after it has been designed.


Step 2 - Permit Application


A permit from the relevant authority is always required before a memorial may be installed.  Acting on your behalf we will process and submit the application, together with the associated fee.


Step 3 - Stone Order


When a permit has been issued the stone order can be secured at the quarry. Delivery waiting time can be a few weeks or several months and is likely to depend on the quarry location.


Step 4 - Installation


We will contact you once we have completed all works to the stone and we are ready to install.

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