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Pencil drawn lettering

We always appreciate thank you letters from our customers and are very proud of them.  Please see some extracts below from a selection:

When I was left with the sad job of dealing with my dear late mum's estate, funeral and personal affairs I had no idea what sort of emotional rollercoaster it would be, but one of the most worrying and important things we wanted to get right and to mums wishes was her inscription on her late husbands headstone.  I did some investigating on the web and I came across your company, I had never heard of you nor did I know of your existence but I was impressed with what I read on your web site and being a small local company I decided to ask you if you would take on the work that we required. 

Wow what can I say Sue, you and your team have done a truly amazing job we are absolutely delighted you have been the most helpful respectful and honest people I have ever had to deal with and I am truly impressed, I will certainly be recommending Stonewriters to as many friends and family as I can and all this without us ever meeting! ”fantastic “ and we cannot thank you enough, now I can be truly contented knowing that mums wishes have been fulfilled.

Thanks again Sue and team on a wonderful job.


May 2023

Thank you so much for John's memorial.  It is absolutely perfect.

L and M C

March 2023

We are very pleased with your work - thank you.


March 2023

Many thanks for all your help - headstone looks good.


March 2023

Thank you for all your help and for supplying the very tasteful and dignified headstone.


January 2023

It has been a pleasure working with you whilst dealing with such an emotional subject.  All the best.


January 2023

Many thanks for this beautiful installation - we are all very happy with it and very grateful for your kind assistance.  I visited the grave and was truly touched and grateful for this beautiful memorial to my late father.  Thank you.  Once again, thank you for your kindness and help and this beautiful piece.


January 2023

I would like to thank you very much indeed for all your help.  The headstone looks perfect and I will go over to plant flowers in the next month or so.  I think my mother would like it.  With best wishes and thanks for such an excellent service and delivery.


December 2022

Thank you for letting me know that the stone has been placed.  I have seen it now and am delighted with it.  Thank you for your advice and service.


July 2022

Thank you for a lovely memorial stone.


July 2022

Very pleased with the result.


June 2022

We are completely delighted with the headstone.  It looks absolutely right and is exactly as we wanted.  Many thanks for all your help in arranging this.


February 2022

Thank you for the first class job you've done on this memorial stone.


February 2022

It comes to say a big thank you for your kind attention during a very difficult and sad time.


January 2022

Many thanks for the headstone.  I'm very pleased with it.


January 2022

Thank you very much for the headstone you put on my father's grave - I think it looks very nice.


December 2021

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards providing the memorial stone we wanted for Mum.  You have provided a prompt and efficient service to us and will have no difficulty recommending your company to others.


December 2021

Thank you!  We all, as a family, are very pleased with the memorial stone - Thank you for all your help and advice which has been much appreciated.


October 2021

I have been to see D's gravestone this evening and am delighted with it.  Thank you once again.


August 2021

I have just been down to the cemetery to see the headstone.  I am thrilled with it.  You have done a very good job.  It has turned out just as I hoped.  Thank you.


August 2021

Thank you so much for Mum and Dads beautiful memorial stone - it is absolutely perfect for them and I am so pleased with the care and attention you have given.  It is an absolute work of art and I cannot thank you enough - it means so much to know this wonderful piece will mark the whereabouts of our two most precious loved ones.


July 2021

Many thanks for the work you have completed to my parents memorial - we are delighted with your work.


June 2021

Today is the anniversary of my wife's funeral, so the installation was very well timed.  My daughter and I have been to see it and put some flowers on it. We are both extremely pleased.  Would you pass on my thanks to everyone involved.


May 2021

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with (B's) headstone.  It was so important to me that it was just right, portraying how special she was.  You have captured that entirely and it mans so much.  Thank you.


April 2021

Thank you for erecting the memorial for our 12 forebears.  It looks lovely and is a very fitting tribute to them.


March 2021

The stone looks exactly as we hoped it would.  Thanks again for all you have done on Dad's stone, we are very pleased and know he would be as well.


March 2021

The memorial stone looks really lovely - we are very pleased with the work you have done.  Thank you so much once again for all your help.


March 2021

I think (the memorial) looks very good and as I said in my email I have had nothing but positive comments about it.  The design is admired as is the choice of slate.


February 2021

Thank you very much for your help at a bad time.


February 2021

Thank you very much for your kindness and attention to detail.  The stone is very elegant and I am well pleased.


January 2021

Thank you for giving our family a place to go and put flowers on the grave.  My daughter and I were very happy with what we saw; looks lovely.  If my father could say what he thought he would be very happy.


January 2021


I just wanted to drop you a line to show my appreciation for the wonderful work you have executed on daddy's memorial.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I couldn't have asked for a better design - it is just what we wanted.


January 2021

Many thanks for completing the work - I am so pleased to see my husband's name in place.


January 2021

I've been having a tidy up of my desk and I realise I never told you how pleased I am with the memorial stone to my late parents.  It is beautifully done and sits so well in the graveyard.  I enjoyed my visits to you and am grateful for all your help.  Thank you very much to all involved.


January 2021

Thank you so much for the headstone and such a surprise to have it installed before Christmas - we are very pleased with it.  Many thanks for all your help and advice.


December 2020

I'd just like to add how very friendly and accessible your contact has been.  What could have been a very sad task, was very well explained and made most amenable.  So thank you for this.


August 2020

Thank you for all your help which has been greatly appreciated.


July 2020

You have done a fantastic job, thank you.  It was a long time coming (not your fault) but well worth waiting for.


June 2020

I have today driven to see the memorial stone which you have now installed and have to say we were both absolutely delighted with the installation and workmanship involved.  It just remains for me to say a big thank you for the service you have given, which is much appreciated - especially in these difficult times.


June 2020

Please feel free to photograph the memorial if you wish.  The family are delighted with it.  Thank yo so much.


March 2020

Just a short note to say thank you for the excellent job you have made of my husband's memorial tablet.


February 2020

Wonderful job - thank you so much


February 2020

I would just like to say how pleased I am with the stone and the wonderful work you have put into it.  Thank you so much for your service.


January 2020

I was down at the church yard on xmas day; the stone for my brother is very nice.  You have done a good job and my sister in law is pleased how simple it is.  Thank you

Mr R G

December 2019

The family is all delighted with your husband's work on G's headstone - as of course, am I.  Thank you so much for all your care and guidance and I think seeing the headstone in place has bought us some closure.

Mrs M M

December 2019

With many thanks for a beautiful job done.

Mrs P D

December 2019

Just to say many thanks for J's headstone.  We were very pleased with it, it looked beautiful.  Thanks for your advice and pointing us in the right direction.

Mrs J K

November 2019

You have done a very excellent job. Thank you for all your patience, help and guidance. 

Mrs E B

October 2019

I am very pleased with how it's turned out and the family all agree it looks great.  Thank you very much for all your help along the way, I always felt that you were committed to ensuring that my wishes were fulfilled.  Your knowledge, caring approach and attention to detail made the whole process very straightforward.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Mr S B

September 2019

I much appreciate your help at a difficult time and the excellence of your craft.

Mrs S A

June 2019

Many thanks for an excellent service!

The H family

August 2019

Many thanks.  It does indeed look fantastic and in a great setting.  My dad was down today and met the guys installing it by chance too.  Many thanks for your work on this, it is craftsmanship per excellence.

Mr M F

June 2019


Thank you for the excellent headstone.

Mr J S

June 2019

I would like to say many thanks for the excellent job that you have carried out on my parent's memorial.  It looks as good as new again and far exceeds my expectations.

Mr R C

June 2019

Many thanks for all your hard work - we all appreciate it tremendously - it looks amazing.

Mrs T D-S

June 2019

I am pleased that the headstone is now in place and I would like to thank you for your professional assistance that you gave during the process of deciding what myself and my children would finally decide.

Mrs S W

April 2019

Thank you so much for insalling (R's) stone.  It's beautiful.


April 2019

My brothers and I are delighted with the stone, it looks just right in the church yard.

Mrs P B

April 2019

My grandson said it was beautiful!  It has been a pleasure to work with you both and thank you for your kindness and patience.

Mrs L C

April 2019

Thank you so much for your kindness and help with (D's) headstone.  I am really pleased with it and I am sure he would be too.

Mrs P B

April 2019

We were delighted with the stone, it is just as we wanted it and congratulations on the beautifully carved rose and lettering.  A first class job.

Mrs B B

September 2018

Thank you so much for the lovely work adding dad's name on the headstone.

Ms B C

June 2018

Many thanks for all your help and patience.

Mrs J R

March 2018

Thank you so much for dealing with the work completed on both my parent's grave stones.  It has been beautifully done and we are all so pleased with the result.

Mrs L H

January 2018

Thank you for completing and installing our daughter's headstone.  It was a nice surprise to have it installed before xmas.  We are all very pleased with your excellent workmanship and will certainly recommend your company should the occasion arise.

B M S and S

January 2018

Thank you for your excellent advice and very professional work on my late wife's memorial stone.

Mr K D

January 2018

On behalf of myself and the family I would like to thank you for mum's memorial stone.  It is just what we wanted and looks beautiful surrounded by her favourite flowers.  Thank you for helping us in an area that none of us were familiar with - we really couln't be more pleased with the end product.

Ms H U

October 2017

I would like to thank you for the care and consideration you have shown me in the execution of (S's) headstone.  It has the pure simplicity and physical strength that I know she would appreciate.

Mrs C S

September 2017

I visited the Church yesterday and was very pleased to see the headstone had been installed, the quality of workmanship, stone and installation is lovely and we are really pleased.  Thank you.

Mr S J

October 2017

I have just been to the churchyard and seen (L's) memorial stone.  I am very pleased with how it looks, thank you for such a good job.  I think it looks simple and classic, just what I was hoping for and a perfect tribut to my late wife.

Mr S T

November 2017

Thank you all so much for all your hard work.  My husband's headstone is just as I imagined.  A very fitting monument and memorial.  Thank you.

Mrs C H

November 2017

Thank you - stone looks beautiful.  Also thank you for all your help during the difficult decision of what to do, wording etc. Very much appreciated.

Mrs D P

September 2017

I am most appreciative of the work done.  Early completion means that today I can put flowers on my wife's grave - today would have been her birthday.

September 2017



Thank you.  We have seen the result of your work and we are all delighted with the result.  By all means show photographs to help others.  Thank you again.

August 2017




Just a short note to thank you and your staff for doing such a wonderful job of my grand parents grave.

August 2017

Thank you so much for the beautiful memorial stone.  We put white and red roses in the vases and the stone looked so lovely in the evening light.  By just getting the memorial completed made me feel so much better.  Thank you again for your sensitive advice and craftsmanship to help us through this sad time.

August 2017


My whole family, including myself, are extremely pleased with the stone in every possibly way, it is exactly what we wished for and am so glad we found you and all your expertese and understanding.  Thank you so much!

October 2016


I am delighted with your work for us I am impressed thank you. it has been a very protracted issue which you have dealt with admirably.

August 2016

Thank you so much, it looks amazing, really appreciate your patience and support.

August 2016

Thank you for the headstone it looks amazing and I know he (my father) would have been impressed with it.

June 2016

Thank you for listening to what I wanted at a very difficult time!  I am very pleased with the result - a great pleasure working with you both.

Mrs J M - April 2015

We are very pleased with all the work that you have done for us; the headstone just looks amazing, we are so pleased with it.  A BIG THANK YOU for all you have done.

Mr and Mrs C R W - November 2014

Everyone agreed the stones were beautifully done, thanks.

Mrs L H - August 2014

We are all very pleased with the stone.  Thank you very much for your kindness and consideration.

Ms T D - July 2014

Last week we all went to Dads grave to see the headstone and we were all very pleased with what we saw.  We would all like to say thank you very much for all the efforts by Stonewriters to produce such a pleasing result. We were particulalry pleased with the reception you gave us on our first visit and the professional way in which you guided us through the selection process.  To be able to see the design on your computer screen and to see a piece of the stone was also an essential part of the success and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to other clients.

Mr L H - March 2014

We are delighted with the stone, it is all that we had hoped for.

Mrs M R F - March 2014


Once again I would like to thank you for managing to get the headstone in place for Christmas and to say how pleased we are with the memorial.

Mr G M L - January 2014

Mum and I really love the headstone.  Wishing you both much good fortune and hoping that business continues to flourish.  Thank you again for being so supportive and humorous (appropriately!!) during such a sad time.  Its been a pleasure.

Mrs S G W - January 2014

It is my very great pleasure to confirm the exceptional service that I have recently received from Nigel and Sue at Stonewriters.  In respect to my personal project, a stone mount for a pair of bronze dragons, which was a gift for my wife, Stonewriters have greatly exceeded my expectations, were incredibly helpful and patient and all at a price that was significantly under budget.  I have no hesitation in recommending them to you; for I am certain that you too will be a completely satisfied and happy customer. 

Mr and Mrs S B

Thank you so very much for sending me the photo of Mum's memorial so soon after it was placed in position. It is a wonderful memorial to my dear Mum and you have done an absolutely fantastic job. It's just what I and Dad had in mind as to what the finished product should look like. I am positive that if Mum can see it through the thin veil that separates her world from ours that she would be well pleased with it as are all the rest of the family. Once again I cannot thank you enough and so pleased that we chose you as our Stonewriters.

Ms J S - May 2012

Thank you once again for the wonderful job you both have done on the headstone - it has impressed everyone who has seen it and we are delighted. I enclose my cheque and will be recommending you to anyone who asks. After asking permission I plan to put your little leaflet that you sent me earlier on the notice board at church!

Mrs H K - March 2012

Thank you so much for making and fitting the memorial stone - we all think it is so nicely done; the colour and quality of the stone and the is just perfect.

Mrs B - February 2012

Thank you once again for your kindness and patience.

Ms R C

I would like to express my thanks to you both for doing such a splendid job on the headstone. I am so very pleased with the finished result and the fact that you managed to complete the task in time for the first anniversary of my husband's death. It means a great deal to me, so thank you.

If ever I was asked to recommend a stonemason, I would not hesitate to pass on the name of Stonewriters as being a professional, conscientious, courteous and friendly company who deliver a first class job.

Mrs M E - May 2012

Have been down to the church and have seen the lovely job you have done; Thank you for your time and patience with this.

Would be very happy to give you a glowing reference.

Mr & Mrs A

Thank you so much for the stonework marking the rediscovered grave of our grandparents. It is beautifully in keeping with the original kerbstones and I know it would have been just as Dad would have liked it. I can't thank you enough for all the work you have completed for the family this year. True craftsmanship with that individual customer attention. If only everything in life was as stress free as memorial stones supplied by Stonewriters!

Mrs C D - May 2011


Thank you once again for your excellent attention to detail, sensitive advice and wonderful craftsmanship. I bless the day I found your website!

Mrs D

Just a note to say thanks for making a difficult time easier to cope with. We were very pleased with the headstone.

S & L F

We are all delighted with the headstone and know that my husband would give it his full approval. It is really beautiful.  Your beautiful signature stone has a designated place in the sun on the terrace where my husband used to sit. We value it greatly and it will be safe here with me. Many thanks for giving us such a wonderful memorial to my husband.

Mrs M N - September 2011



I am delighted with the headstone and it has been much admired. Thank you for the care you took.

Mrs W A - December 2011

We are all delighted with the headstone and know that (J) would give it his full approval - It is really beautiful. Many many thanks for giving us such a wonderful memorial to (J).

Mrs M N - October 2011

Just to thank you for your help and guidance at this difficult time. It will not be forgotten.

Mrs S M - July 2011









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