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Stone Types and Pricing Guide

We are often asked how much headstones and memorials cost but we can only put an accurate quotation together once we know all the relevant details about the memorial; the stone type, it's size, amount of writing, method of inscription and any other additions such as photo-plaques etc.  Wherever possible our headstones are supplied as monoliths and all our memorials are bespoke.


Please see the following as a guide to stone types and also a very general pricing guide relevant to headstones - smaller items such as grave vases and tablets will cost less, and larger ones, such as headstones with kerb-sets are likely to cost more.

1.  Sandstones and Limestones: Light and uniform in colour, 'soft' stone (York stone, Serena, Portland, Marble, Nabresina for example showing in that order below) are all porous and therefore take on lichens, moss and algae.  Porous stones will usually start to change colour within a year or two - depending on whether the stone is near a hedge or tree (together with other variables) - it is personal preference as to whether one 'likes' this about the stone or not - some people consider the stone dirty, others consider it 'blending' with its natural environment. 


Typical cost of a headstone of these materials usually range from £2,000 - £3,000.

York stone example
Serena sandstone example
Portland lime stone example
White Marble example
Nabresina lime stone example

2. Granite:  Some years ago granite was the most expensive stone type because it was relatively hard to get hold of, but nowadays it is the most common type of stone to use for memorials.  This is for several reasons; it is less expensive due to ease of availability, it is less porous, and hence very easy to keep clean (it will look brand new for a very long time), and comes in a variety of colours and patterns (examples below showing in order: polished black, honed black, polished South African dark grey, polished light grey and polished blue-pearl).  In addition to those showing below, there are various reds, greens, greys, and ones with strong swirly and speckled patterns.  


Granite can be polished to a high luster so that it has a glossy and reflective surface known as 'polished' granite, or it can be less polished so that it has a matt or eggshell surface which is known as 'honed' granite.  Polished granite will look darker in colour than when it it honed and this is illustrated in the examples below between the first two images of polished black granite and honed black granite.


Typical cost of a granite headstone might range from £2,000 - £3,500.      

Polished black granite example
Honed black granite example
Polished South African dark grey granite
Light grey granite example
Blue Pearl Granite example

3.  British Slate: Option of blue/black in colour or green slate (from Cumbria). This is a very beautiful material, lovely to work with and weathers very well; it is one of the most expensive memorial stone types.


Slate memorials typically cost between £3,500 upwards.

Welsh blue-black slate example
Cumbrian green slate example
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